Studio Bořislavka

Studio Bořislavka - Educational And Relaxation Centre

The Bořislavka Studio offers a great variety of educational courses as well as relaxation in the form of facial treatment, sugaring / sugar waxing and massages. The services of the Bořislavka Studio are designed for all ages, both adults and children. The educational and relaxation Studio Bořislavka can be found in Prague 6, on the Bořislavka Square.
Various courses or cosmetic services (facial treatment, sugaring etc.) can also be provided in English on demand.


In the Bořislavka Studio, you can choose from all sorts of courses, seminars, workshops, active trainings and lectures. Courses for children include practicing and catch-up courses for primaryschool students, preparation courses for highschool admission exams, language courses and spare-time activities. Adults can choose from a great variety of educational courses going from language courses (including Czech for foreigners) through specialized marketing courses, personality development courses (courses for mothers, emotional inteligence courses, memory training etc.) up to various spare-time activities (visual arts workshops, music or theatre classes etc.). In addition, we also provide proofreading, translations and copywriting services. Yoga for children is also an important part of the activities that we offer. For companies and groups of people, we offer customized courses and training. Marketing courses are available in English as well as in Czech.
Other various courses can also be provided in English on demand.

mob.: +420 606 597 453


In the Bořislavka Studio, you can relax while we take care of your body and face. As part of our beauty and relaxation services, we offer facial treatment, sugaring / sugar waxing and a variety of relaxing and detoxification massages including cellulite reducing massage as well. Sugaring (epilation) / sugar waxing is an ancient hair removal method that is gentle for the skin and has a long-lasting effect. We use Czech sugaring paste Naturi which only constists from natural ingredients - sugar and water. Our offer includes doing make-up for all occasions (daily, evening or wedding make-up). We also provide advising services to help you pick up a colour palette for your make-up or wardrobe, based on determining your colour type according to colour typology. We work using professional German herbal cosmetics Hildegard Braukmann. It is a widely popular high quality brand of cosmetics manufactured in Germany with a 60-year-old tradition.

mob.: +420 604 380 333

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